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When you purchase Lenox Borescope, Fiberscope or Videoscope products, you are assured of the highest quality remote visual inspection (RVI) tools. Lenox FireSight High Temp Furnace / Boiler Cameras provide a direct view of your burner, furnace, boiler, kiln or incinerator which helps improve combustion performance, reduce NOx, flame impingement and speeds up boiler start-up and diagnostics.

Lenox Instruments has been a custom borescope manufacturer in the U.S. since 1920. Our borescope products include Videoscopes, Flexible Fiberscopes, Rigid Borescopes, Micro Borescopes, Sectional Borescopes, Custom Borescopes and Borescope Accessories.

Lenox Instrument high-temperature camera systems provide clear, crisp images of the combustion process in boilers, furnaces, kilns, incinerators and other combustion chambers. With the real-time image provided, operators can monitor the proper flow of fuel and raw materials, reduce emissions, reduce fuel consumption, speed up boiler light off, and improve safety. Our FireSight products include Air Cooled Firesight Systems, Water Cooled Firesight Systems and Lenox/Pultz High-Temp. Video Camera Systems.

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